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heavy on Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans/Stucky/Evanstan/Marvel also it's safe to assume that anything I write is NSFW

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me
That time in Hawaii

OK, here goes! Josh fanfic inspired by the pics of him smoking up in Hawaii. Standard disclaimer, I don’t own Josh, NC17, etc.

I was feeling no pain. The other guys had left, claiming that nothing beat surfing while high. I had my doubts; I wasn’t the greatest surfer to begin with. The last thing I needed was to drown. So I was alone in my hotel room. In Hawaii. Alone in my Hawaiian hotel room high. I wasn’t a stoner or anything but I never turned down a joint if it got passed my way. The thing about Hawaii though, is that everything is greener, everything is fresher, better. Especially the weed. So I was sitting there, on the couch, bombed out of my mind. As I stared out the window, looking at the palm trees swaying in the breeze, things melted, time lost all meaning. I was living in the moment. Not thinking of the future or worrying about the past. It was just now. I thought about calling Jen; she would love laughing at me. She was always good company. It was the funniest thing though, I tried picking up my phone but my hands seemed so huge. It was the wildest thing. So I sat there for awhile and laughed, just looking at my hands.

Things felt slowed down. I wondered if my hands were the only thing that was huge or if I had grown, like Alice when she drank the potion. I started at the top of my head, running my hands down my shoulders, my arms, over my tank-top encased chest and waist and down. As my hands moved down it felt like sparks of electricity. I was still wearing my red & black swim trunks, still damp from surfing earlier. I slid my palm roughly over the bulge in my shorts. My hands weren’t the only thing that seemed larger than usual.

“Mmm…” I moaned. I was alone, so why not take my time and enjoy the moment. I lifted my hips off the couch and my swim trunks slid off my hips easily, puddling at my ankles. I wrapped my hand around my cock and gently rubbed the tip with my thumb. Time still felt slower than normal. I closed my eyes, and blissfully I started stroking myself harder.

I never heard the knock at the door. Never thought about what time it was. The hotel was usually deserted this time of day, which was why maids came to clean the rooms. So there I was, sitting there with my hard cock in my hand and too stoned to care. My back was to the door; the couch faced the window. Maybe she wouldn’t notice.

The door opened and I heard humming. I didn’t care; I was too turned on to stop. Another moan escaped my lips. The maid must have taken it for an invitation to chat. “Hello sir, I hope you don’t mind if I clean up a bit.” I felt like I was floating on the sound of her musical voice.

Eyes still closed, I heard a gasp. Shit. How was I going to explain this? Still holding my cock in my hand I opened my eyes. I tried to apologize but I couldn’t form the words.

Standing in front of me was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She had full luscious lips, long dark hair down her back, and exotic hazel-green eyes. She was tall, slightly curvy, but toned. I wondered if she did the hula. The thought made me laugh. She was wearing some sort of Hawaiian print dress, low cut, showing off her rounded chest. Her nametag read Keilani.

Expecting the worst I grabbed the nearest throw pillow, and tried to cover my lap, finally finding my voice. “I’m really sorry, I—”

Kulikuli,” she said in her musical voice. She smiled a beautiful smile, her full lips drawing back over her perfect, white teeth. Without warning, she was on her knees in front of me, tossing the pillow off of me. She smiled her lovely smile again and I groaned, my cock twitching.

“Looks like you’ve been smoking some pakalolo and you’re feeling irie,” she laughed. I got the feeling she was making fun of me, but her throaty laugh and the proximity of her beautiful body to my hard cock made it hard to concentrate. She leaned over ran her fingers along my jaw. Then she exhaled slowly, her hot, moist breath causing my hips to buck.

I looked at her, arousal and confusion in my eyes. My palms were sweaty, my muscles were tense and I was starting to pant. Shit. This was blowing my mind. She had dropped to her knees in front of me and I didn’t think it was possible but my cock got even harder with anticipation. Keilani looked so sexy on her knees and all I could think about was wanting her mouth on me.

She ran her hands, so much smaller and softer than mine, up my left thigh and down my right, stopping at the knee. Then Keilani lightly ran her fingertips over the tattoo on my hip and the one on my side. “Keilani.” I swallowed. “Keliani, don’t tease me.”

Keilani gave a lyrical chuckle and slowly ran her tongue over her full lips. I couldn’t help but whimper. “You have me at a disadvantage sir, you know my name.” She gestured to her nametag, “But I don’t know yours.” She resumed stroking my thighs, looking at me expectantly. Fuck, I wasn’t going to last long like this.

“J-Josh It’s Josh, m-my name. You can call me Josh.” I stuttered slightly, my voice rough. “But I’m the one at a disadvantage.” I gestured to my cock, hard and twitching, so close to her luscious lips.

She smiled again, deviously. “I wouldn’t call that disadvantaged, Josh.”

Shit, the way she said my name was so hot. If she didn’t do something soon, I’d have to take matters back into my own hands. My palms twitched at my sides where they had dropped. Suddenly Keilani pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her breasts. I wanted to reach out and touch them; they were practically begging for it. With another quick movement, Keliani grabbed the base of my cock, leaned forward and then took the whole length into her mouth—

Holy Fuck.

It was hot, wet heat and I felt like I was drowning in the ocean even though I didn’t go surfing. I groaned in response and whined softly when Keilani pulled back, licking softly at the head of my cock. My hands found their way to her hair. I simply rested them there, letting the silky strands slide through my fingers while Keilani sucked and licked playfully. I could only watch helplessly as her pink mouth worked at my cock.

Keliani’s mouth: full lips, pretty and so soft. I’d had blow jobs before, been high before, but this was surreal. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but not—not this. I never thought I’d feel like this: the weed, the beautiful girl, her mouth wide and hot, and her tongue mobile and liking it. I reached down, grabbing for her firm breasts. My fingers grazed her nipples, they were hard and pebbled. She moaned when my fingers made contact. It seemed Keliani loved sucking cock and she was good at it.

I watched as Keilani slowly took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. I could feel her throat contracting around me and my hands tightened in her hair.

I couldn’t help it, the words poured out of my mouth, so cliché, but so appropriate. “Fuck, yes, take me deep, it’s so good. I love your mouth, baby, oh God.” I spit the words out between clenched teeth, trying to hold back.

My litany was cut off when Keilani pressed her soft fingers against my balls and I could only whimper at the white-hot pleasure shooting up my spine. Fuck, I was so close already and there was no way that Keilani was going to stop, no way. I tightened my fingers in her hair, thrusting my hips upwards and Keilani responded by pulling back slightly, her lovely lips dragging against my hard shaft.

My voice was rough, on edge. “Don’t stop.”

Keilani wrapped her lips around me again, increasing her suction. I opened my mouth to moan but all that came out was air. Her dark hair was wrapped around my fingers and I pulled her head closer.

Keilani began to hum, the same tune as before but this time my cock was in her throat and the vibrations made me whimper, my cock pulsing faster. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was floating in the ocean, drowning in the sea of Keilani. I held her head still letting my hips jerk and squirm, desperately. And she let me.

Then the waves crashed and I lost control. The sensations flowing through me were incredible, and in that moment, I came with a gasp into Keilani’s hot little mouth. She moaned and kept sucking as I thrust through my orgasm. I gasped as I felt her swallow, once, then again. Time was still strange; Keilani kept sucking my softening cock until I couldn’t take the sensation anymore. She drew her head back, slowly, my hands softly petting her hair. I looked down at Keilani’s flushed face, her breasts heaving as she panted. She smiled, those full lips curling into a proud grin.

I had to catch my breath. My sides heaved and my voice cracked as I spoke. “Th-Thank you Keilani. Please, let me return the favor.” I was still floating, feeling no pain, but a beautiful girl had just given me the best blow job of my life and I wanted to reciprocate.

Keilani got up, her movement creating a rush of cold air. I shivered and tried to pull up my swim trunks, fumblingly. “No Josh, mahalo nui loa,” she smiled. She pulled her dress together, covering her amazing breasts once again. Then she smoothed her hands over her skirt, straightening her dress.

I could only watch as she grabbed her cleaning cart and headed for the door. Her ass, as round and perfect as her breasts, shimmied as she walked away.

Aloha Mr. Hutcherson, a hui hou kākou”.

And then she was gone. I ran my hands through my hair, causing it to stand on end. Had that really just happened? I leaned back against the couch, still in the same spot I had started out in. My head was heavy and all I wanted to do was sleep. Just before I closed my eyes, Keilani’s voice came back to me. “Mr. Hutcherson” she had said, even though she had asked my name, acted like she didn’t know who I was. Holy shit. What had just happened?

Mahalo nui loa – Thank you very much

Aloha – salutation/hello/goodbye

A hui hou kākou – until we meet again

Pakalolo – marijuana

Kulikuli – shut up/be quiet

Irie - to be at total peace with your current state of being.

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