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multi-fandom (heavy on Sebastian Stan)

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me


Do you ever just like flex your foot wrong and it cramps and you’re just like this is it, this is how it ends 

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I grew up with Communism. I was born in Romania and lived there till I was 8 and then I lived in Vienna for a while. Although I was very young, I do remember that we weren’t allowed to leave the country. So after the revolution, people wanted to escape and find a new way of life. It’s that element of being trapped into something—of a lack of freedom. I always thought for me with Bucky, because of how he grew up in the military and his dad dying in an accident on a military base. His last image of Bucky is, “You’re my descendant.” I think there is this enormous amount of weight on him to be something when he’s never had a chance to go, “What do I really want?” I wanted to bring that—I hope that was being translated.

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The Winter Soldier

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dean winchester meme

↳ favorite outfits [1/6] - gym teacher tracksuit 

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New York is a very rich environment. Acting is a pretty unconventional life, you’re always working, in a way. You can relax and go and see a movie, but I always see a performance that inspires me. Or sitting eating and you observe people and characters. Work creeps in. I listen to music, I like trying new restaurants things like that.

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Sebastian Stan really aroused by into being manhandled in The Covenant

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Did you have a preferred brand [of metal arm/lube]?

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There’s something very arousing about having an immediate response from people, right then and there. Theater really is much more of an actor’s medium because you’re in control of the editing, of what the audience is going to see. You’re the one making those choices. There isn’t somebody else up there cutting the moment together for you.

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Stop it.


Stop it.

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